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Learn Key Job Search Techniques via

Simple eLearning Modules

from CareerNow



Do you need a new resume?  What about a cover letter?  Or help with networking?  Did you know that 70-80% of all jobs are obtained that way?  Do you have a plan to gain access to this hidden segment of the job market?  Once you've developed a lead on a great job, how will you handle the interview?  Have you been contemplating whether you should change careers?


Access the other eLearning Modules above to develop important job search techniques you'll need in order to identify and then land your new position.  Other sessions cover "Should I Change Careers?", "Resume Building", "Interviewing Success" and "Job Search Mistakes to Avoid", so be sure to view them all as often as you require.


For more personal assistance, you may purchase our 1:1 Personal Coaching Services.

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