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You can't afford to make bad moves when it comes to your job search.  If your transition stretches out for months, that costs you money as well as time and effort.  If frustration leads you to accept the wrong job out of desperation, the results are even worse.


Professional Job Search Consulting can take the trial-and-error out of the process.  If our program helps you to land your next job even 1 or 2 weeks sooner, it will more than pay for itself.

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Getting Started Is Easy!


1)  Access the eLearning Page as often as you wish to view all 5 eLearning Modules, which will assist you in mastering key job search techniques.

2)  For more personalized assistance, make your purchases from our e-Store above.

3)  When you are ready to checkout, select Shopping Bag.

4)  Confirm your Log-In and billing information.

5)  Click on Checkout, then select your payment method and complete your transaction.  Confirmation emails will follow to provide you with further information or  to schedule your 1:1 appointment(s), depending on your purchase.

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